Sunday, June 7, 2009

Applying at Hooters

First, I'm sure some of you will want to know what possessed me to apply at the Hooters restaurant in the first place.

My last two jobs have been as a waitress. First at Applebees, now at Ruby Tuesday. I was doing just fine and making plenty of money (not an excess, but definitely enough, with some to spend on things for myself every now and again) at Ruby Tuesday until recently. It's honestly just not cutting it AT ALL. Not too long ago I went to Hooters for lunch with a friend and he was telling me how I would be great working there, and I agreed. The thought never really left my mind since that conversation, and making $17 on a Friday and Saturday night at RT was enough to push me to the decision that I needed a new job;;specifically, as a Hooters Girl.

I honestly love being a waitress. It really is an easy job as long as you are a people person and friendly. I honestly don't think the work is hard in any way shape or form. I would rather be a waitress than work at some fast food joint or clothing store (and I would know because I've worked previously in both types of environments). I knew that I would fit in great at Hooters. I'm very confident in my looks and personality, and I knew that I would make good money there too which was my main concern. And honestly, I love dressing up and I felt like working at Hooters would be like one big fun dress up day.

I woke up yesterday morning, put on a sunshine yellow dress and bright orange pumps, straightened and curled my hair perfectly, and went to my 9 am class. Afterwards I put on my makeup perfectly, and drove to my nearest Hooters location. I put on my lipgloss in the parking lot and sat there for a couple minutes while my butterflies settled. Then I walked in. I was immediately checked out by all men near me. I was also looked up and down by every Hooters girl that walked by. They, just like the men, looked at my body first, then made eye contact, only they didn't smile back at me. I was ignored by three Hooters girls standing at the Hostess stand, and one finally walked by and complemented me on my shoes. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the hostess came up to me and asked if I had been helped yet. I told her no, and that I was actually just there to get an application. She told me that they only take applications during certain times on certain days, and today was not one of them. She was nice though, and said she would go ask a manager if it was okay for me to apply anyway. She came back shortly with an application and told me to go sit at a table in the corner and fill it out.

Shortly the waitress that had originally complimented me on my shoes came over to clean her tables, and struck up a conversation with me. She was extraordinarily nice and I was thankful for her kindness. She told me I would definitely get hired. In her words "If I like you, they'll like you, you'll definitely get hired." When I finished my app. I walked up to her and asked if there was a manager I could give it to/talk to while I was there. She had actually been talking to the waitress (we'll call the waitress LC) and she took my app and asked me to sit back down and talk.

We went through the normal interview questions. She asked me what brought me to Hooters to apply, if I had any problems with the Hooters girl uniform (why would i be applying if i did?) and if I had any tattoos or piercings that would show while wearing the Hooters girl uniform. I told her I have my nose pierced and a tattoo on my wrist. I followed that by saying that taking my nose ring out is no problem and that I don't mind covering my tattoo either. She then asked if I had ever eaten there before and what I normally eat there. Between you and me I've been to Hooters 3 times that I can remember and am not a huge fan of their food. Of course though, I told her I'm in love with their boneless wings. She asked me if I could stay and wait for the GM to get back and have another interview with him, and she warned me that he would be asking me to "sell" him boneless wings because (in her words) "he's a bit more daring than I am."

He was indeed.

He asked me the same preliminary questions that the first manager had (I can't for the life of me remember their names...awesome) and then started to ask me to sell him boneless wings...

GM: Pretend I'm a customer. How would you...wait a second...Can you hula hoop?
ME: (not really thinking before speaking) *enthusiastically* yeah!
GM: Really?
ME: well...I mean...I probably haven't done it since I was thirteen but...
(it was too late)
GM: Hold on a second...*goes to get hula hoop*

I swear to god this hula hoop was insanely thick and weighed like 5 pounds! It was huge! I had already gotten myself in too deep though, so there was nothing left to do but...well....hula hoop!

My first try was a massive second try was slightly successful, and by this point some of the Hooters Girls were cheering me on and giving me tips...and then my third try was a charm.

As I walked back over to GM he was laughing and said "Good job, you'll do just fine here." I then asked him if I needed to jump rope, or hopscotch next. He really liked my humor. :) I was more relaxed during that interview than I have been for any other one. I knew if I was myself I'd be just fine ad it turns out I was right. I wasn't fake during any point in my interview, which makes me happy, because I know I got hired for who I am, not some fake person that they thought I was.

He asked me a few more server related questions such as;;

GM: If someone orders a gin and tonic, what's the first question you should ask them?
ME: To see their i.d?
GM: Well, that's not exactly what I was thinking, but yes, good!
ME: What kind of liquor they want?
GM: Yes! We always try to upsale here....yadda yadda yadda


GM: If you see that someone has only taken a couple bites of their food and stopped eating, while everyone else continues, what should you do?


There were some more norm interview questions thrown in there too, but that's all boring business.

Then he went and got the paper I need to fill out to get my liquor liscence, and the paper that tells me when my orientation is (Friday), what I need to bring to my orientation, and when the next ATC date is to take the class for my liquor liscence.

LC told me that Hooters Girls basically don't have to do any real work. They don't have to do side work, roll silverware, they don't even get their own drinks!

My job will literally be to look sexy and flirt....

and that, my friends, is amazing.

On top of that, all the people that really matter in my life are really excited for me. Everyone else are just haters anyway *brushes shoulder off*.
My mom is seriously ecstatic and insanely proud of me. You would think I just graduated valedictorian, or was elected president of the USA. It's great. :)

I'll keep you updated.

-New (excited and nervous) Hooters Girl-

p.s. I'd like to say that with the exception of my very first job, I've never had to wait for a call back, I've always been hired on the spot. Hooters turned out to be no exception.



  1. Wow you are extremely lucky!!!! I've been going to Hooters restaurants since I was 12 years old and I want to work there probably more than you did. I LOVE the uniforms, the employees are so nice spunky and fun and the atmosphere never ceases to put a smile on my face. But I have a couple of issues getting in my way. One, I'm only 4'10. Two, my cup size is a 36 B, my nervousness may get the best of me, four, I was never good with the hula hoop, and five, The only job I've ever had was working with my mom for about 5 summers at a daycare for special needs children. No restaurant experience. This is what I look like. I'm afriaid I wont make the cut.

    Im scared.... :pout:

  2. Yeah, I was thinking about it myself. But i think my 2 biggest obstacles would be being shy (sometimes...definitely not always haha) and my size. I'm not exactly a size 2 or anything. I'm a thick, curvy girl (i definitely don't consider myself fat) but i heard they only have small sizes and that would not fit my booty lol.

  3. OMG you are so lucky.

    I want to work at hooters I'm 5'8 and my cup size is a 38c.
    The thing is that I don't know how to get the application. :(

  4. I went and applied today I thought working at Hooters would be really fun. It reminds me of cheerleading and I LOVED cheerleading. I'm confident, outgoing, bubbly, all the good stuff. 5'3", thin but curvy, long brown hair. I think I'd look awesome in the uniform. All the girls smiled and greeted me right away they were all really nice to me they even got me something to drink while I waited. But the manager who interviewed me I guess was having a bad day or something bc he seemed so completely uninterested in anything I had to say he didn't even ask me any questions that he couldn't answer himself by looking at my application. It kind of hurt my feeling to be honest like I wasn't worth his time or something. Even if for some reason I didn't fit the Hooters girl criteria he could have at least been nice. Then again maybe he was just having a bad day and I'm reading to much into it. I'll find out in 3 to 5 business days I guess. Wish me luck! :)

  5. I just applied to the local Hooters in my town. I have not been a server in over 10 years. I walked in and was ignored by all of the girls working there. A man dressed in all black asked if he could help me. I responded, "Yes, I was wondering if you are currently hiring." He said that he would go get me an application.

    He returned in less than 45 seconds, which seemed to be an eternity since 10 girls were sizing me up. I filled out the application and he came over as soon as my pen stopped and I looked up.

    Before he could ask me a question, I jumped into why I was there. I spoke for a total of 2 minutes. He never asked me any interview questions, we only made small talk. I was not asked to hula hoop. He went and got the GM who was holding my guide to Hooters girl training.

    Maybe it was my past work experience, I had managed a state for sales in vodka. I guess the manager figured I knew how to build rapport with the customers since I was able to build relationships with bar managers and bar owners.

    I am excited to start as a Hooters girl. Never in my life did I think I would become a Hooters girl. I am going back to school this fall for a second degree in Medical Diagnostic Sonography and I figured this would be a great way to make easy money. :)

  6. So, working at hooters you don't have any sidework? Is it easy? I worked at a restaurant "O's" and I didn't really like it because it seemed so hectic! We had sidework and all that too, which was fine, but I think Hooters is more relaxed. "O's" was trying to be an 'upkey' restaurant, and it just wasn't. My weak point is alcohol. Can you become a Hooters model without working at hooters? So do you have sidework or no?

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  8. I wanna start working there. Do i have a chance?

  9. I take it you 4 year degree is not in English.


  10. I want to work at hooters but the only concern for me is that my boobs are small to me im barely a 36C and im not sure there big enough but im like super skinny and talland im almost 17 wich is the requirment to apply for the job im a cheerleader so the perkiness cums naturally!!!

  11. I want to work there so bad I'm 5'2 and wear a 34B and I'm almost 17 but idk how to get a job application :(


  13. so, i have experience serving and love people, but i have a lot of tattoos...would it be worth covering them every day?

  14. I recently called my local hooters & was told that they only accept applications from 2-4. I am unsure if i would be hooters girl material. i am Hispanic with black long hair green eyes and im a 42D. im not skinny im thick with curves. I have previous experience being a waitress and cashiering. what do you guys think i would love feed back ( :

  15. I applied for hooter like three days ago, i walked in and one of the Hooters Girls asked did i need a application(like wow how she knew i need a application lol),i said yes and she told me to have a seat and she would give me a app. She came back with the app,i filled it out,gave it to the HG and she told me to wait while the manager come and tlk to me so i waited, the manager came and she is cool and i mean cooooooool lol she interviewed me askin me questions like do i feel comfortable wearin a HG attire i said yes and do ihave any tattoo or piercings, yea i had tattoos on my wrist and hand and i have eyebrow piercing,she asked me do i have a problem with coverin my my tattoos and takin out my piercin i said i would have a problem, so she asked me would i be able to come bck to a second interview with th GM nd i said i sure would nd she said he gonna ask me sum questions see if he would like me,if so i will start on the following weekツツツ so wish me luck you guys, i really wanna be a Hooters Girl !!!!

  16. you are so lucky, I wish being that outgoing was natural for me... but i have been trying really hard to over come it. Today I applied to the Hooters at my house. I have wanted to be a Hooters Girl for as long as I can remember. It was the first thing that I knew I wanted lol. I still have no idea what I want to major in and I'm in college. I have never had a job, so I have no idea how the interview process works. But I am hoping I get a call back :). The hiring manager asked me a few questions like when can I work and all, and then told me they were going to do interviews in the next couple days, so I hope that's a good sign.

  17. I just applied as a Hooters Girl online, and in less than two days got a response from the manger asking me to come in Saturday morning. I recently got my nose pierced . I won't have a problem taking it out, but would I be able to use a clear one or does it need to be completely removed????

  18. I just got an interview at hooters they did the uniform fitting and the interview the same day is this a good sign?