Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh goodness, wow!  When I started this blog so many years ago, I never would have imagined how much of a success it would be!  I actually logged into my blogger account to start an entirely new blog (about my trip into motherhood, actually, yay!) and saw how many page visits this blog had gotten.  Wow-wee!

At any rate, I don't plan on starting this back up, by any means, but I figured I could at least share the story of the straw that broke the camel's back--why I quit working at Hooters.

I went in for my shift, just like any other day.  I had been having more and more undesirable and off-putting experiences with customers as the days went by, but I was dealing with it.  This shift was no different, but a group of my friends had planned to come in and eat in my section and hang out for the night, so I was looking forward to that.

Before my friends arrived, I obtained a table of a man probably in his 50s, a woman that I assumed was his wife or girlfriend, and their daughter her was probably in her 20s.  Before even ordering their food, or any type of "real" beverage, this man ordered a double shot of whiskey.  I politely told him that we don't serve "double" shots, but that I could bring him one shot and then bring him another one right after the first.  He said that would be fine.  After downing those two (and still before even ordering an appetizer) the man ordered two more shots.

Now, the rule is (or was at the time) 2 shot limit or 4 beer limit.  If any customer wanted to order over this limit, a manager had to be told, and asked for permission to place the order for the customer.  I went to my manager and told him what was going on, and he asked if the man was alone, or had others with him.  I pointed him out and after seeing that there were two other people of driving age with the man that were not drinking, my manager told me to keep serving him.  I did as I was told.

After about 6 shots and 4 beers that were all approved by my manager, the man and his company moved outside to finish their meals and smoke.  I went out there to check on them, and as they had pushed their plates to the side (a normal sign that one has finished eating) I started to gather them. this was met with an angry "What are you doing?! I wasn't done eating that!" from the man.  I apologized saying "Oh, I'm sorry, you had just pushed your plate to the side and so I thought you were finished."  He said

"Oh honey, I just did that so you could hop up here on the table and I could eat you for dessert."


I stood there stunned.  He said this in front of his family!  His wife just shrugged and said "That's what you get for getting him drunk!"

I avoided this table as much as possible for the rest of their stay.  Their bill was over 100$ and they left me less than 5 as a tip.

My experience with this table, and a few other super inappropriate and terrible tippers that same night led to some drinking with my friends that had come into visit, and the promise from them that they were not letting me return to that hell hole the next day for my shift.

I no-call no-showed and never received a question or word from anyone there.  I expect the turn around at such a place is so high that they expect girls to just never come back again.  I'm sure I wasn't the first that just got fed up with all the low-lifes and never came back.

My stint working at Hooters is kind of a joke now.  I wonder how many girls are still working there that were there when I was a few years back.  Most of them have "graduated" to being bartenders at shitty local bars and such.  Myself, I have loftier goals.  Hooters was fun for a while, and I still keep my outfit so that I can embarrass my future children and grandchildren.  I don't regret working there, but I'm glad that I left when I did.

Thanks for reading, all!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sad news folks...

I am officially, no longer a Hooters girl.

I know, I know, try not to cry!!!


I still have all of my notes (yes, I took notes so I wouldn't forget) of all my memorable Hooters experiences. I will still be sharing them, along with my Hooters song (highly amusing), and the story behind why I quit working at Hooters.

So don't fret, I still have quite a few interesting stories up my sleeve.

<3 EX-hooters girl

Monday, August 10, 2009


Basically, Hooters is going to try to get it's most attractive girls in bikinis whenever possible.

We have bike nights where we do bike washes, and recently we've started doing car washes as well.

I had the displeasure of working a bike wash once. It was so horribly awkward. You see, I'm not your average Hooters girl. I know I'm attractive, yes, but I'm not really the girl that just eats up having tons of guys ogle at her while she's scantily clad. On bike night we wash the bikes outside our patio, which is reserved for bikers only. The whole side of the patio was crowded with bikers staring at the girls washing their bikes. I mean, I know that's really the whole point of the ordeal (watching the Hooters girls in the bikinis soaping up their pride and joys) but can they not at least try to be subtle about it??


Once my school started back up I was quite excited to realize that I wouldn't be working on Tuesdays, which is our bike night.

I looked on my work schedule for the first week that I had started back school and found

Thursday: 11:00cw

I asked "What's cw?"
and received the answer "Car wash."

*sigh* just when I thought I had escaped frolicking around in my bikini....

The first week I was scheduled to work the car wash (about three weeks ago) it was canceled because it was cold as shit, and rainy. The next week, however, I was scheduled for it again. I show up at 11, when I was scheduled to be in. There were two other girls scheduled for the wash as well, and they were just as excited as I was about it...which is, of course, not at all.

You see, we had done a horrible job of advertising it. No where in the restaurant was there anything mentioning a car wash ever. No one even knew it was happening. The three of us stood around with our clothes on over our bikinis for a good hour and a half because there was nothing for us to do. Then the promo coordinator (a way too hyper sort of asian chick) decides to get a chalk board and write HOOTERS CAR WASH super big on it. Then what happens? Me and one of the other girls have to go out and stand by the road in our bikinis with the sign.

God damnit, I didn't sign up for this shit.

We're getting paid 2.13 an hour, not even making tips, and my ass has to stand out by the road in my bikini and receive horrible scowls from women, and honking, yelling, and catcalls from men.
We stood out there for a good 20 minutes before we FINALLY got a car to wash, and had to go back to the restaurant. The other two girls kept spontaneously bailing and leaving me all alone to wash the cars. I stuck through though, as it only goes on for 3 hours. We probably ended up washing about 10 cars, and made about $24 each. SO not worth it.

I look on my schedule for the next week, and what do I find?

Thursday: 11:00cw.

God damnit.

I show up to work, quite optimistic for the next weeks car wash. I'm not sure why, I was just having a really good week or something. 1 more girl shows up and tells me that she's working the car wash too. We asked the manager who else was working and he tells us our hostess will be helping us out. She shows up a few minutes later, and I notice she's wearing khaki shorts (part of the hostess uniform). I thought it was pure coincidence though, maybe that was just what she chose to wear to cover up her swimsuit...NOPE. She didn't realize she was supposed to be working the car wash.

That left me and 1 other girl to work the wash by our lonesomes. It started off even slower than it had the week before. We were optimistic though, hoping it would pick up and we would make good money, since we only had to split it between the two of us.

You see, how it works is that the car wash is free. All they have to do is get a meal, and they can get their car washed. It's really a horrible way to advertise it, because way too many people think that means they don't have to tip us. (Okay, I've only gotten stiffed about 3 times while doing it, but that's still way too many...seriously, you think watching us wash your shit in bikinis is actually free? come ON.)

Anyway, it was a pathetic turn out. We probably only washed about 4 cars.

Wanna hear the amazing part though?

We each made about $50.

I swear to god at least 4 people just gave us money because they felt sorry for us, and didn't even have us wash their cars. And then Mr. Avalanche gave us $20 a piece! That's on top of his meal, and tipping his waitress.

Absolutely amazing.

Maybe I don't mind working the car wash after all...

PS. I sincerely apologize if this post is jumbled and confusing, as I am a little more than slightly drunk right now.

Goodnight everyone.


Saturday, August 8, 2009


K.H. saved the day! She helped me figure out how to fix my blog to where you lovely readers can leave me comments now! :) I have already admitted I'm not the best at blogging, but I have been keeping track of stories that I need to tell on here, and now that my comment problem is fixed, I'm much more excited about keeping the blog up to date.

Tonight, however, I'm choosing to work on one of my other blogs. It's called Pain and Poop: An Ulcerative Colitis Story, and can be found here.

It is obviously of a totally different topic than this blog, but I'm just throwing it out there just in case.

Lightning is a highly visible form of energy t...

P.S. I've been trying to think of a sort of alter ego to use as my name for my blogs. It was originally just Hooters girl, but then I started my other blogs as well, and found that signing a blog about ulcerative colitis as hooters girl just didn't quite fit...i'm considering Storm. One of my customers once told me Storm should be my nickname....

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i learned via a comment left on a post at fellow hooters girl K.H.'s blog that my comments link on my own blog doesn't seem to be working.

i'm pretty new still to this whole website and haven't really done much beyond typing my blog entries. does anyone have any clue what could be wrong on my site that is preventing people from being able to leave comments? i realize that you can't post a comment on here to tell me your theories, but you can email me at if you think you might know what i'm doing wrong. i've been to the comments section of my settings and everything seems to be in good working order there.


i sure as heck don't know.

Funny quotes from Hooters Girls part 1:

"I have a friend that goes to art school. She does real art though, like drawing and painting."
((in response to me telling her that I go to art school for photography))

"I'm going to blow a casket today."

more to come, believe you me...

Friday, July 10, 2009

i hate crying in front of people.

Here is how things work when you first start at Hooters:

4 days of training
3 shifts on your own with only 2 tables
3 shifts on your own with only 3 tables
shifts with a full section (anywhere from 4-6 or so, depending on how many girls are on and how busy it is)

Most new Hooters girls need this gradual introduction into serving. I, however, have been waitressing for quite some time now, and really didn't need all the 2 table, 3 table bullshit. Thank goodness my managers recognized the fact that I'm not a total nitwit and I was told on my first day by myself that they were going to try to get me off my limited amount of tables sooner than 6 shifts.

My first day out of training I was indeed on two tables. This was the day that they told me it was obvious I could handle much more than 2 tables and they were going to make sure I was on a full section from that day on. The next day I was on a full section and handled it perfectly. The shift after that I was back on 2 tables.

Needless to say, I was not happy. It was a Saturday night and the place was packed, but I was stuck with two tables. Not only just two tables, but two shitty short tables that no one wanted to sit at. I talked to my manager and he apologized for me being stuck on two tables. He said it wasn't him that made the schedule and the manager that had wasn't aware that I was allowed to have more than two tables.

Oh well, no big deal, it's just one night. At least I didn't have to stay until close (1 am) on my shitty two tables.

I hadn't had very many tables, and hadn't made much money at all, while all the other girls were making BANK. It was extremely frustrating. I was standing bored at the bar when one of the regulars asked me if I had any patio tables because he wanted to go outside and sit at one. I told him that was no problem. He ordered a mountain dew and some wings. It was probably around 8:30 when he decided to go out to my patio table. As he sat out there, more and more regulars decided to come and sit out at the patio. They all also decided to flag me down and order their drinks from me since I was the only girl out on the patio. No big deal, I still wasn't cut yet anyway.

I was, however, sort of frustrated at not being cut, as I still hadn't had any more people at my tables inside, and the manager had already cut the floor down to the closers and myself, which made no sense at all since we weren't even busy, and I only had two tables anyway. He promised me that I would be cut shortly. This was a round 10:30.

I still hadn't even made $50. While most of the other girls were bragging about having made over $150.

Quite frustrating.

I got up to serving about 4 regulars out on the patio. They weren't high maintenance, as they were just drinking, but it was still frustrating to have to put up with socializing with their perverted asses. One of them, whom I had never seen before, but have seen since was drinking rum and pepsi. He was extremely obnoxious, and grew more and more obnoxious the more he drank (as is usually the case). Our drink limit is 4. That means when a customer has had 4 drinks, the Hooter girl is supposed to go inform a manager. It is then up to the manager to determine whether or not the customer should be served further.

Mr. Rum and Pepsi was at his limit, and by this time it was 12:45. That's right. Fifteen minutes before closing time. I went outside to the patio and dropped off his bill. He promptly crumpled it up looked me in the eye, laughed and said "Sweetheart, I'm not finished yet."

I went straight inside and bawled my eyes out. I still had not made $50, had gotten probably 3 hours of sleep the night before, and was exhausted and disgusted with the regulars I had been taking care of.

The girls immediately started hugging me and asking what was wrong, and my manager came over to find out as well. I told him, and he asked one of the other girls to go get Mr. Rum and Pepsi's money. He tipped me $10, but it wasn't about the money.

I was going through the clock out/sign out/whatever procedure when Mr. Rum and Pepsi decided it was appropriate to come and apologize to me.

In his slurring he said something to the effect of "A girl as beautiful as you shouldn't be crying." During his slurred hardly comprehendible speech he thought it appropriate to attempt to hug me. This made me start crying again because by this point I was just tired and disgusted and annoyed. It was pretty horrible.

Before I left one of the regulars (a fairly normal one, I'll say) came in to tell me that he and another one of the regulars had a talk with the guy, and they hoped that this incident wasn't going to scare me away. I assured him it would take more than that to scare me off.


I haven't even been there a month and I already broke down and cried.

SO stupid.