Monday, August 10, 2009


Basically, Hooters is going to try to get it's most attractive girls in bikinis whenever possible.

We have bike nights where we do bike washes, and recently we've started doing car washes as well.

I had the displeasure of working a bike wash once. It was so horribly awkward. You see, I'm not your average Hooters girl. I know I'm attractive, yes, but I'm not really the girl that just eats up having tons of guys ogle at her while she's scantily clad. On bike night we wash the bikes outside our patio, which is reserved for bikers only. The whole side of the patio was crowded with bikers staring at the girls washing their bikes. I mean, I know that's really the whole point of the ordeal (watching the Hooters girls in the bikinis soaping up their pride and joys) but can they not at least try to be subtle about it??


Once my school started back up I was quite excited to realize that I wouldn't be working on Tuesdays, which is our bike night.

I looked on my work schedule for the first week that I had started back school and found

Thursday: 11:00cw

I asked "What's cw?"
and received the answer "Car wash."

*sigh* just when I thought I had escaped frolicking around in my bikini....

The first week I was scheduled to work the car wash (about three weeks ago) it was canceled because it was cold as shit, and rainy. The next week, however, I was scheduled for it again. I show up at 11, when I was scheduled to be in. There were two other girls scheduled for the wash as well, and they were just as excited as I was about it...which is, of course, not at all.

You see, we had done a horrible job of advertising it. No where in the restaurant was there anything mentioning a car wash ever. No one even knew it was happening. The three of us stood around with our clothes on over our bikinis for a good hour and a half because there was nothing for us to do. Then the promo coordinator (a way too hyper sort of asian chick) decides to get a chalk board and write HOOTERS CAR WASH super big on it. Then what happens? Me and one of the other girls have to go out and stand by the road in our bikinis with the sign.

God damnit, I didn't sign up for this shit.

We're getting paid 2.13 an hour, not even making tips, and my ass has to stand out by the road in my bikini and receive horrible scowls from women, and honking, yelling, and catcalls from men.
We stood out there for a good 20 minutes before we FINALLY got a car to wash, and had to go back to the restaurant. The other two girls kept spontaneously bailing and leaving me all alone to wash the cars. I stuck through though, as it only goes on for 3 hours. We probably ended up washing about 10 cars, and made about $24 each. SO not worth it.

I look on my schedule for the next week, and what do I find?

Thursday: 11:00cw.

God damnit.

I show up to work, quite optimistic for the next weeks car wash. I'm not sure why, I was just having a really good week or something. 1 more girl shows up and tells me that she's working the car wash too. We asked the manager who else was working and he tells us our hostess will be helping us out. She shows up a few minutes later, and I notice she's wearing khaki shorts (part of the hostess uniform). I thought it was pure coincidence though, maybe that was just what she chose to wear to cover up her swimsuit...NOPE. She didn't realize she was supposed to be working the car wash.

That left me and 1 other girl to work the wash by our lonesomes. It started off even slower than it had the week before. We were optimistic though, hoping it would pick up and we would make good money, since we only had to split it between the two of us.

You see, how it works is that the car wash is free. All they have to do is get a meal, and they can get their car washed. It's really a horrible way to advertise it, because way too many people think that means they don't have to tip us. (Okay, I've only gotten stiffed about 3 times while doing it, but that's still way too many...seriously, you think watching us wash your shit in bikinis is actually free? come ON.)

Anyway, it was a pathetic turn out. We probably only washed about 4 cars.

Wanna hear the amazing part though?

We each made about $50.

I swear to god at least 4 people just gave us money because they felt sorry for us, and didn't even have us wash their cars. And then Mr. Avalanche gave us $20 a piece! That's on top of his meal, and tipping his waitress.

Absolutely amazing.

Maybe I don't mind working the car wash after all...

PS. I sincerely apologize if this post is jumbled and confusing, as I am a little more than slightly drunk right now.

Goodnight everyone.



  1. I really do not like the car washes, lol...I'm usually able to avoid them, thank God, since I am a bartender, but I feel for the girls who do get roped in to working them. It sounds like yours was not managed or promoted very well, either, which is a shame. We do bike washes a few times a month each summer, and we get a lot of business from it. At least a dozen girls work the wash alone, with a full floor inside to tend to people. It's great money inside the restaurant, but outside is a bit hit or miss.

  2. I've never tried those car washes. LOL. I always wash my own car, and I take joy and pride in the knowledge that I actually saved some money while doing so. Even if the services are offered for free, I don't consider taking advantage, since I know piles of cars would line up for the freebies.

    Sebastian Gaydos

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